A&WMA www.awma.org Air & Waste Management Association
ABMA www.abma-dc.org American Bearing Manufacturers Association
ABNT www.abnt.org.br Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas
ACD www.ac4d.org American Center for Design
ACM info.acm.org Association for Computing Machinery
ACP www.acp.org American Center for Physics
ACS www.acs.org American Chemical Society
ADDA www.adda.org American Design Drafting Association
AEA www.aeanet.org American Electronics Association
AEIC www.aeic.org Association of Edison Illuminating Companies
AESF www.aesf.org American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society, Inc.
AFS www.afsinc.org American Foundrymen’s Society
AGMA www.agma.org American Gear Manufacturers Association
AIAA www.aiaa.org American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIA/NAS www.aia-aerospace.org Aerospace Industries Association/National Aerospace Standards
AICHE www.aiche.org American Institute of Chemical Engineers
AIP www.aip.org American Institute of Physics
AISE www.aise.org Association of Iron and Steel Engineers
AISI www.steel.org American Iron & Steel Institute
AMS www.ams.org American Mathematical Society
ANSI www.ansi.org American National Standards Institute
ANSSN www.nssn.org American National Standards System Network
APDF www.apdf.org Association of Professional Design Firms
API www.api.org American Petroleum Institute
APQC www.apqc.org American Productivity & Quality Center
APS www.aps.org American Physical Society
ASCE www.asce.org American Society of Civil Engineers
ASEE www.asee.org American Society for Engineering Education
ASHRAE www.ashrae.org American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
ASM www.asm-intl.org ASM International (Formerly American Society for Metals)
ASME www.asme.org American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASMMA www.asmma.com American Supply & Machinery Manufacturers Association
ASNT www.asnt.org American Society of Non-Destructive Testing
ASSE www.asse.org American Society of Safety Engineers
ASQ www.asq.org American Society for Quality
ASTM www.astm.org American Society for the Testing of Materials
AWS www.aws.org American Welding Society
AWWA www.awwa.org American Water Works Association
BS www.bsi-global.com British Standards
BSI www.bsi.org.uk British Standards Institution
CGSB w3.pwgsc.gc.ca Canadian General Standards Board
COE www.coe.org CATIA Operators Exchange
CSA www.csa-international.org Canadian Standards Association
DIN www.din.de Din Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V.
DTIC www.dtic.mil Department of Defense Scientific and Technical Information Program
EIA www.eia.org Electronic Industries Alliance
EJMA www.ejma.org Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association
FPDA www.fpda.org Fluid Power Distributors Association
FPEF www.fpef.org Fluid Power Educational Foundation
FPS www.ifps.org Fluid Power Society
GPA www.gasprocessors.com Gas Processors Association
HFES www.hfes.org Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
IDSA www.idsa.org Industrial Designers Society of America
IEC www.iec.ch International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE www.ieee.org Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IES www.iesna.org Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
ISA www.isa.org Instrument Society of America
ISO www.iso.ch International Organization for Standardization
JIS www.jsa.or.jp Japanese Institute for Standards
MAA www.maa.org Mathematical Association of America
MHIA www.mhia.org Material Handling Industry of America
MPIF www.mpif.org Metal Powder Industries Federation
MPTA www.mpta.org Mechanical Power Transmission Association
MSS www.mss-hq.com Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valves and Fittings Industry
MTAMRI mtamri.me.uiuc.edu The Machine Tool Agile Manufacturing Research Institute
NACE www.nace.org National Association of Corrosion Engineers
NAM www.nam.org National Association of Manufacturers
www.nas.edu National Academies of Science, Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council
NBR Norma Brasileira (as normas brasileiras são elaboradas pela ABNT)
NCEMT www.ncemt.ctc.com National Center for Excellence in Metalworking Technology
NCSL www.ncsl-hq.org National Conference of Standards Laboratories
NEMA www.nema.org National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NFPA www.nfpa.com National Fluid Power Association
NIST www.atp.nist.gov Advanced Technology Program
NIST www.mep.nist.gov Manufacturing Extension Partnership
NIST www.nist.gov National Institute of Standards & Technology
NIST www.quality.nist.gov Quality Program
NLGI www.nlgi.com National Lubricating Grease Institute
NSPE www.nspe.org National Society of Professional Engineers
NTMA www.ntma.org National Tooling & Machining Association
OSA www.osa.org Optical Society of America- OpticsNet
PMA www.metalforming.com Precision Metalforming Association
PTDA www.ptda.org Power Transmission Distributors Association
RIA www.robotics.org Robotic Industries Association
RMA www.rma.org Rubber Manufacturers Association
SAE www.sae.org Society of Automotive Engineers
SCC.CA www.scc.ca Standards Council of Canada
SI Sistema Internacional de Unidades
SIAM www.siam.org Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SME www.sme.org Society of Manufacturing Engineers
SNAME www.sname.org The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
SPE www.4spe.org Society of Plastics Engineers
SPIE www.spie.org The International Society for Optical Engineering
SSPC www.sspc.org Society for Protective Coatings
SWE www.swe.org Society of Women Engineers
TAA www.aluminum.org Aluminum Association, Inc.
TCS www.wbh.com The CAD Society
TMS OnLine www.tms.org The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
UL www.ul.com Underwriters Laboratory
USACM www.usacm.org United States Association for Computational Mechanics
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